The keynote for  meditation during the Wesak Festival is “I see and when the Eye is opened, all is light.”

“Through meditation the yogi knows himself to be light, a point of fiery essence. Through facility in the meditation process he can focus that light on any object he chooses and come ‘en rapport’ with the light which that object is hiding. That light is then known to be one in essence with his own light-centre, and comprehension, communication and identification then becomes possible.” [Light of the Soul p250]

‘The man has succeeded …in dissociating himself from all forms, and in identifying himself with the formless.   He has arrived at the point at the heart of his being. From that point of pure spiritual realisation, he can increasingly work in the future. Through practice, he strengthens that realisation. And all life, work and circumstances are viewed as a passing pageant with which he is not concerned.  Upon them, however, he can turn the searchlight of pure spirit; he himself is light and knows himself as part of the ‘Light of the World’, and ‘in that light shall he see light’. He knows things as they are and realises that all which he has hitherto regarded as reality is but illusion. He has pierced the great Maya and passed behind it into the light which produces it and for him mistake is in the future impossible; his sense of values is correct; his sense of proportion is exact. He no longer is subject to deception but stands freed from delusion. When this point is realised, pain and pleasure no longer affect him; he is lost in the bliss of Self-Realisation.” [Light of the Soul p104]

This sense of oneness and wholeness anchored in the human heart is expressed in terms of light in a quote from The Old  Commentary:

“The light that shines within the heart of man discovers light and, in these blended lights, comes revelation. The light that shines within the sacred Hierarchy of Souls discovers these two lights revealed and they reveal a third – the revelation of the higher states of Being which hide and veil a Light which is not of planetary creation.  These are four lights which reveal a Light Supreme, a Light which comes from distances beyond the ken of man.  Yet all these lights have been revealed because a light has burned – immovable, secure – within the human heart.” [Discipleship II p436]

The Tibetan DK ( from the Alice Bailey books ) goes on to explain that:
“The whole theme of revelation is the revelation of light, and that implies many different interpretations of the word ‘light’; it concerns the lighted areas of being which otherwise remain unknown, and therefore hidden. We create light; we employ light; we discover greater lights which serve to reveal to us the Unknown God.  It is the guiding light within us which eventually reveals those brighter lights which usher in the process of revelation.
… ‘light is substance’ and ‘substance is energy’” [Discipleship II p436]

And elsewhere he writes:
“…the great theme of LIGHT underlies our entire planetary purpose.  The full expression of perfect LIGHT… is the engrossing life-purpose of our planetary Logos. Light is the great and obsessing enterprise in the three worlds of human evolution. ...light is a symptom and an expression of Life, and that essentially … and in a most mysterious way the terms, Light and Life, are interchangeable within the limits of the planetary ring-pass-not …Light can be regarded as a symptom, a reaction to the meeting and consequent fusion of spirit and matter.” [Rays p143]

This sense of union and its eternal echo down the ages is reflected in the great inflow when the Buddha returns each year at the time of the Wesak Festival and joins in united service with His great Brother, the Christ, representing the assembled Spiritual Hierarchy and the invocative appeal of Humanity.