DVD - Journey to the WESAK VALLEY in TIBET

This beautifully produced DVD contains two thirty minute programs on the Wesak Festival
held annually in the Wesak Valley in the western region of Tibet.

See the DVD page for more details.

Photographic prints

These beautiful 500 x 750mm prints on matte or glossy paper will add an aura of Shamballa energy to your home.

Tibetan Plateau

Golden Buddha

Slow travelling

Mount Kailas

Wide open spaces

Kailas Valley

Lama on horseback

Lamas in the valley

Mount Kailas in blue

Pilgrim with horse

Tibetan mountains

The Wesak Festival

The Wesak Valley

Tibetan Mountains - wide view

Tibetan Monk

Two pilgrims praying - Mt Kailas

Tibetan children

Valley pilgrims - from above

Mount Kailas - entrance to the Wesak Valley