Journey to the WESAK VALLEY in TIBET

This beautifully produced DVD contains two thirty minute programs on the Wesak Festival held annually in the Wesak Valley in the western region of Tibet.

The first program, The Film Journey, with no narrative has beautiful backing music and sounds created by Carlos Angeles and Lucinda Dreaming.  It has been described as a more “meditative and intuitive” approach to the Wesak Festival.  In monochromatic tones it is more “classical” and “old worldly” in its film style.

The second program, The Photographic Journey, is a combination of still and moving images narrated by Michael Clemo Breen.  It tells the story of the legend with insightful commentary.  Beautiful full colour images of the Tibetan landscape are inspiring and uplifting.

The DVD package includes an 80 page colour book of photographs and text outlining the journey and the festival in the Wesak Valley.

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The Journey to the Wesak Valley in Tibet was filmed on the May full moon in 1985.

On the journey were David Thomas, Hock Khoe, Mark and Albert Falzon - all participated in the production
of the film on various levels.

Fil Baker and Albert Falzon edited the films and the beautiful music
was created by Carlos Angeles and Lucinda Dreaming.

Michael Clemo Breen who has spent many years documenting the paintings of Nicholas Roerich provided the
voice for the narrative - recorded by Martin Pashley.  The script was compiled primarily from the books
by Alice Bailey.  A special thanks to all those who contributed - Wendy Thompson, Dennis Merrington,
Judy Norman, David Thomas, to the Lucis Trust and the Arcane School for their dedicated world service
work, to the Agni Yoga Society in New York and to all the planetary spiritual groups who are working
with the new energies now available.

Thank you.